jueves, 9 de marzo de 2017

Ára Bátur

Persistent memory.

I´m on an island,
I don't know how I got here.
The time feels different,
the days are long
and the nights are longer still.

A veil covers my old life,
I see it as if it were a half remembered dream,
distant, grey, unsignificant...
either way, that´s all I have in this place.
Sometimes I see myself in a boat and I hear a smile...

There´s no yellow, orange or green,
there's no sun or moon,
the light it's just in the air,
although tenuous, it blinds me.

There´re no stars either,
the sky is sealed with dark clouds
as far as the eyes can see.
I can´t smell anything, the food doesn´t taste
 but it sickens me anyway.

I have already walked all the shores,
the sea it´s darker than the sky,
the water is oily, quiet, treacherous...
Somehow I know that a terrible beast lies beneath...

A mountain rises in the center of this land,
I found a cave at its feet,
but I do not dare to enter, the shadows are substantial here...
once they grab you there´s no scape.

Hidden between the rocks lies a pond,
In it I saw another place,
a place of my memories, and a person,
but I could not see the face, it was blurred to me;
there´s so much I want to tell,
but there´s no point, it can´t hear me.

As the days went by, I stopped wondering why I'm here,
If I deserve it,
Stop asking if I came alone,
Or if someone will come to save me.

I try to do what I feel I should do,
I have no power over this place, but I can change myself instead.
I´am aware that every second spent here
poisons the soul.

Sadly it is true what they say...
there can´t be true despair without hope,
I have tasted it,
and I still have hope,
and I believe that this place it´s some kind of prison,
designed for torture.

While I was digging I found a paddle boat.
It's the boat that brought me here?
It has holes and missing pieces everywhere.
maybe I can fix it...

But I won´t for now,
what´s left of my heart will endure this place,
because I believe in something,
it´s a long shot, if I´m right I get to still be me,
if I´m wrong...
I may become one with the beast of the deep.

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  1. Me encantó lo que escribiste, la forma, el contenido, todo. Tal vez estoy muy sensible pero me llegó. Gracias por compartir

    1. Sophie, espero que aunque te haya llegado, no estés en esa isla también u.u Mil gracias a vos por leer :)


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